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Acting DA Brian Conaty is the most qualified and experienced candidate for District Attorney of Sullivan County. He knows every case and does not need any on-the-job training. Brian needs our Support in the Race for District Attorney.     

Brian is a lifelong resident of Monticello and went to the public schools in Sullivan County for most of his life. He cares about Sullivan County and its future.

Brian has strong support of Law Enforcement. Sheriff Mike Schiff, The New York State Troopers PBA, Fallsburg Police PBA, Village of Liberty Police PBA, and the New York State Police Investigators Association have all endorsed Brian Conaty for District Attorney.

Brian Conaty is a strong supporter of the Second Amendment, and has called for dramatic changes in the failed Bail Reform Laws.

Brian has successfully prosecuted criminal cases in all 17 Justice courts in Sullivan County.

He is the lead prosecutor in the SCDA FVRT and CAC both of which are responsible for streamlining the prosecution of child sexual abuse cases to ensure the child victim is not re-traumatized on account of his or her disclosures by creating a one stop shop  that incorporates SP investigators, CPS officials, medical clinicians.

Brian is also the lead prosecutor in Youth Part, a court created pursuant to Raise the Age Legislation, which is responsible for adjudicating cases involving adolescent and juvenile felony offenders.

Brian has also written numerous appeals and has successfully argued at the appellate division, Third Department.

He is intimately familiar with the recent developments in the law from raise the age to discovery reform to bail reform. These are laws that he deals with every single day.

Since taking the helm of the District Attorney Office , Brian has restructured the Office to make it more efficient and better suited to tackle the problems we face

He has introduced Vertical Integration for the District Attorney Office:

Vesting more authority in ADAs to handle all cases in their respective jurisdictions from violations to misdemeanors to felonies.

This will increase the efficiency of the criminal justice process by dissembling the barriers previously in place that prevented younger ADAs from plea bargaining lingering cases

This will help to quickly reduce the backlog of cases created by the COVID pandemic.

AND makes the SCDA more attractive to younger attorneys seeking to gain courtroom and litigation experience


Brian is working with county officials as well as nonprofit organizations to secure 1.3M in funding for the Hope Not Handcuffs initiative.

This money will provide the necessary funds to staff this initiative aimed at reducing the stigma of drug addiction and helps to facilitate those so inflicted with the opportunity and the means to engage in meaningful treatment.

Programs such as this - in conjunction with our diversionary courts, such as the Drug Treatment Court, the DWI Treatment Court, and Veterans Treatment Court, all of which Brian has been the lead prosecutor for  - are designed at stopping the revolving door of the criminal Justice system by reducing the rate of recidivism and helping the Sullivan County families.


Indictment/SCI numbers are at a record pace since the pandemic. Last year - 2022 - those numbers finally rebounded back to pre-pandemic levels. So far this year in 2023 we are exceeding last year’s pace.

Brian has developed a positive working relationship with our partners in law enforcement. They trust his knowledge of the law, work ethic, and his steadfast determination to do what is right.



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